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Unshared Port

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DDOS Protection

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  • Shocking Facts on Hemorrhoids
    Hemorrhoids are a common problem for most people. However, it is a problem that is usually not life threatening. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal area. Some hemorrhoids can occur outside the anus while some occurs inside the rectum. The ones that are located outside the anus are called external hemorrhoids while the ones […]
  • Woad – The Mysterious Blue dyeing/staining Plant
    Woad is famous as the source of the blue dye that has been used to dye wool and other fibers for several thousand years in Europe and the Middle East. The pigment is extracted from the dark blue-green, spinach-like woad leaves. The Woad Plant Woad (Isatis tinctoria) is a native of the Mediterranean and belongs […]
  • Do Orgasms Relieve Anxiety?
    Great sex on a regular basis can, in fact, relieve or eliminate stress and anxiety. Sexually active adults are generally less stressed, calmer, and happier. Why? Sex causes a release of oxytocin and endorphins, similar to those released during exercise. The release of these chemicals helps bring about a sense of calmness and clarity. But […]
  • 5 Weirdest Facts About New Zealand
    Visitors come to New Zealand expecting something unique and different, to have a once-in-a lifetime adventure that they will never forget. Aside from the stunning natural wonders, New Zealand is also the word’s self-declared extreme sports capital. Skydiving, bungy jumping, whitewater rafting, river boarding, and many other adventure experiences for adrenaline junkies abound in this […]
  • Shocking Discoveries of Columbus Day
    Columbus Day 2006. Western New York was hit hard with a historic storm, the likes of which had not been seen in 100 years. Trees, still in full leaf, the heavy falling snow, and by morning, they were bent, broken and had downed utility lines affecting more than 380,000 homes. The power was out for […]
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