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Store unlimited Pic/Docs in cloud.

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Shorten your URL and earn money

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Buying a Dedicated or VPS but don’t know how to setup? No issue we got your back, we will install everything as per your requirements.

Want to setup a media streaming server/FFMPEG/RTMP? We can do that for you with advanced setup.

Need a panel for managing your Dedicated Server/VPS? We can install any costumer chosen Web panel. For example: cPanel/ISPConfig/Plesk/Virtualmin etc.

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Fully Managed VPS Hosting

VPS 2GMMonthly Plan₹1350



1Core CPU

Unlimited bandwidth

Full Root Access

OS Choise

DDOS Protection

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VPS 6GMMonthly Plan₹1850



4Core CPU

Unlimited bandwidth

Full Root Access

OS Choise

DDOS Protection

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    7 Shocking Facts About Online Tutoring 1. Online Tutor did not get the payment • This is a very common incident where private tutors are invited to offer lessons in lieu of lucrative money. One such incident talks about how the private tutor was lured into a trap of $ 400 for hours of tutoring. […]
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